Say Goodbye to Time Trials: Setting the Grid in PGRL

Qualifying laps ruined by gusts of wind. The same few drivers racking up pole after pole. Always finding yourself stuck in dirty air.

File these phrases under “things that aren’t pretty good”.

At PGRL, we believe in keeping racing fun and competitive, while giving all drivers something to play for — including TV time. That’s why we are doing away with the traditional time trial qualifying format in 2022.

Instead, the starting order of each race* will be based on an inversion of the results from the previous week.

Get caught in a wreck through no fault of your own and finish last? No worries — pole next week! Put on a Jeff Burton-style clinic, leading 100% of the laps at Loudon? Buckle up — time to fight from the rear at Pocono.

New opportunities and new challenges. Now that’s pretty good.


*The grid for the season-opening race at Daytona will be set via random number generator, the technical equivalent of superspeedway qualifying on iRacing.