PGRL Signups Open; Here’s Why You Should Join

PGRL will take to the track in February and signups are now open to get in on the action!

Why should I join PGRL? Simplified rules, a fun-first atmosphere, many memes, PRL nostalgia, and a respectful group of drivers all make the league pretty good.

What car will we use? The current plan is to use the NASCAR NextGen Cup car.

What is the schedule like? We will run on Tuesday nights beginning February 15th. The year will be divided into 3 independent seasons, each consisting of 12 races, generally following the NASCAR Cup Series schedule. Every season will allow for 2 dropped races, because enjoying life outside of pixel car racing is also pretty good. Practice will open at 8pm Eastern with the green flag waving just past 9pm.

How long are the races? Races will be about 50% the length of NASCAR Cup Series events. Fuel will be set at 75% capacity to promote pit stops and green flag racing. Tire limits will be set at 75% real-life allocation to encourage a mix of strategies.

Will the races be broadcasted? They will! The Virtual Grip Network will cover every race live.

How much will it cost, and will I have to qualify on time? Charters are available, which will guarantee a locked-in starting position every week, no matter your results. The cost will be $10 USD for one season of 12 races, or $30 for a full calendar year (3 seasons or 36 races). The $30 option will offer a 50% discount on a race sponsorship as a perk.

So we can sponsor races? Yes, absolutely. The schedule is currently filled with meme names for unsponsored races, but these can be replaced with any audience-appropriate name if you’d like to contribute sponsorship. A race sponsorship will normally cost $20, but it’s yours for half-price ($10) if you buy a full calendar year charter. Please get in touch with the league administration ( or via Facebook) to discuss sponsorship.

Who is behind the PGRL project? Scott Eckrich, Michael Chrobok, Woody Mahan, Marc Cohn, and Brian Yaczik worked together to get PGRL up, running, and funded. An advisory team to assist with day-to-day operations of the league will be formed at a later date.