Jurski Jumps for Joy; Wins “I’m Flying Through the Air, This is Pretty Good 45”

Adam Jurski launched himself into Victory Lane for the first time on Tuesday night, earning a slice of moist, celebratory cheesecake following a gravity-defying performance in PGRL’s All-Star Race at Irwindale Speedway.

PGRL drivers jumped into action at Irwindale Speedway.

Jurski started the non-points extravaganza from the 4th position — lining up behind LPM Group trio Jeff Ward, Michael Chrobok, and Brian Yaczik in the only event thus far to feature time trials.

Chrobok grabbed the early lead after sticking the first landing, but tangled with Mike Rasimas on lap 6, handing the top spot to Jeff Ward. Soon after, Ward hit an extra ramp — Grant Brown’s roof — and found himself needing to take a mandatory trip to pit road for spaghetti and meatballs.

Jeff Ward bounces off the roof of Grant Brown as he attempts to take the jump.

Adam Jurski, known for his methodical approach to racing in addition to his quality desserts, was there to capitalize.

Jurski took the lead on lap 14 and — while occasionally swapping recipes for success with fellow front-runner Norm Pelletier — kept the heat on until lap 88. It was then that the #71 BeefJurksi’s Cheesecake Emporium Ford went up in smoke, burned by the bumper of demolition derby expert Grant Brown.

Already missing a nose and a rear end, Adam Jurski’s machine went up in smoke following a nudge from Grant Brown.

Jeff Ward, driving his 5th backup car, jumped at a chance to retake the lead. While Ward did well to raise hell, he did not praise Gael, tangling with the #17 over the ramp. With smoke billowing from the #9’s hood, Ward attempted to keep cooking, not knowing another order of meatballs had been placed on his behalf by race control.

While Gael Brooks’ car was Guaranteed Tough, Jeff Ward’s was not, the latter driver picking up a meatball flag while leading.

Three laps from the finish, scoring expired on Ward’s smoker, and Adam Jurski picked up the delicious graham cracker crumbs. In Winner’s Circle, the driver of the #71 said, “Baking — I mean racing — is all about timing. Whether it’s a checkered flag or a cheesecake, timing your steps just right makes for a dish that’s pretty good.”

While many drivers went Hard in the Wall, Adam Jurski held on for the win, his first in PGRL competition.

The Pretty Good Racing League returns to points-paying competition for the “Chad Cole, He’s My Guy (This Race is as Exciting as Watching Paint Dry) 300” at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Tuesday, May 31st. The Virtual Grip Network returns to cover all the action live at 8:50pm Eastern.

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