Domination Intimidation Racing: A Pretty Good Racing Team

While the Papyrus forums are simply a memory for many sim racing teams, they are where it all began for Domination Intimidation Racing. There, in 2002, a friendship was struck between two painters, Earnhardt fans, and pillars of the community: Dominator8 and Intimidator38.

DIR Enterprises was born.

Michael Strohl and Aaron Hall, respectively, began their team by participating in fictional AI leagues. They later shifted their focus to competitive online events with a keyboard. An upgrade to a MOMO racing wheel brought Strohl increased success, and through the transition from NR2003 to iRacing, the wins have kept on coming.

While Aaron Hall sadly passed away in November 2021, the Domination Intimidation Racing team continues to compete in his honor. DIR has now won over 80 races, and is on the verge of clinching its eighth league championship.

The team will field two full-time entries in PGRL, driven by DIR co-founder Strohl and Twitch streamer / everyday cowboy Chad Mikosz. Two additional part-time entries are expected later in the season, with Jon Girvan and Boomer Logan at the helm of DIR Chevrolets.

PGRL will be DIR’s 26th league in its 20 year history. When asked about their goals for the upcoming season, the driver formerly known as Dominator8 said:

“We hope to at least be pretty good.”