Charters: Your Ticket into the Pretty Good Racing League

Have you ever paid for and shown up to a league race worried about qualifying on time or heading to the house?

At PGRL, we believe racing should be fun — not stressful and disappointing. That’s why our league entry fee (what we call a Charter) will guarantee a starting position in every race. Drivers will have two options in terms of a Charter:

Segment Charter: Covers one 12-race season. $10 USD.

Year-Long Charter:  Covers three 12-race seasons, or one full calendar year. $30 USD. Includes a 50% discount on a single-race sponsorship.

The charter registration process is easy. First, fill out an application to join PGRL. League officials will then review your application, assign you a number, and contact you via the email provided with charter payment instructions. Funds collected will go back into the league to cover media and session fees, and lock in your starting spot. Now that’s pretty good.